Finishing Services

We provide interior and exterior finishing services.

Construction services

We are able to perform the orders entrusted to us with our own forces "from A to Z".

Building Materials

At the customer's request, we also bring material to the construction site.


The experience gained during cooperation with important investors allows us to perform the ordered work reliably and accurately.

Construction management

All works are carried out under the supervision of qualified engineering staff, thanks to which we ensure quality, timeliness, contact with the Investor and possible adjustment of the Project to the field conditions.


We approach each commission entrusted to us individually adjusting to the client's needs.


Our company was founded 18 years ago...
We did not realize then how far we would get.

Since that time, we have made hundreds of orders from companies and individuals. Maybe not so much, but if you estimate the workforce, working hours, materials, planning and correlation that all individual projects had behind, our productivity is huge!


Do you like what you see?

Our projects appeal to everyone!

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