Europol 1 Sp. z o.o. provides the following services in the range of:

Earth works, paving and road works such as:
  • Performance of pavements, parking areas, squares made of concrete stones ( lay down by machinery or by workers) , granite stones, concrete plates and granite plates;
  • Performance of substructure made of sand, gravel, concrete;
  • Putting concrete, granite, nailed and glue curbs;
  • Putting concrete, granite and metal rim curbs;
  • Repair paving stones pavements;
  • Performance of road ditches and their restoration;
  • Performance of reveting road ditches and putting concrete elements on bridge abutment;
  • Performance of excavations for the foundations, macro leveling the site;
  • Performance of road fill,
  • Construction of rainwater drains, drains and wells;
  • Putting gutters made of concrete or concrete stones, granite stones;
  • Building roads, road metalling base build;
  • Performance of small architecture elements and walls made of stones.
  • Demolition and recycling;
  • Transport of all sort of materials uch as: gravel, concrete, asphalt;
  • Saling of concrete elemnts all over Poland.
Indoor works such as:  
  • Demolition works;
  • Cardboard walls – plaster;
  • Suspended ceilings – Hunter Douglas system. Amstrong and other similar
  • external machine plasters
  • thermorenovation of objects
  • bricklaying works – construction of brick houses, from the foundation
  • roofing work
  • hydraulic works
  • laying glaze / terracotta